Electromagnetism Book:

Space Time Electro Magnetic Unification Theory or "S.T.E.M." THEORY

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"Space Time Electro Magnetic Unification Theory" © COPYRIGHT 2004 & 2005 by the author Mr. William Hamby III, No Part of this book or brief in whole or part may be sold, copied ,used, transfered, or transmitted electronically or physically without the expressed written consent of said same, Mr. William Hamby III.

This 159 page book explains the basic format of this revolutionary new theory.

S.T.E.M. Theory unifies, simplifies and clarifies most of the major concepts in classical Physics that until now were viewed separately.

I will identify whenever S.T.E.M. Theory, improves or increases the human body of knowledge by placing the word NEW next to a concept or idea. The word BOTH whenever S.T.E.M. has a simpler, more clearer definition, but will still agree with current international standards of science knowledge. The word OLD whenever current TRADITIONAL knowledge is correct and still precisely describes a phenomenon, but was needed by S.T.E.M. Theory to communicate effectively at a human level. The current TRADITIONAL knowledge reference of physical data units can be found here:

The initial motivation for the book was to determine pure answers and equations for "Ohms Law". Ohms law uses the ratios of voltage, ohm and amperage to establish the conditions of an electric system. However, the definition of one using another is incorrect circular logic, much like using an apple to explain an orange and using the both of them to explain a carrot, or vis-versa. This book eliminates the previously used circular definition for a stand alone real individual unit definitions, not only electric units but also magnetic and physical units.

This raw data page will be updated continously as soon as possible!

S.T.E.M. Theory photo is self explanatory, however the theory is more easily understood by those who have already had some elementary physics.

Here is a simplified photo of the theory © (click photo to enlarge):

S.T.E.M. theory can be viewed from several different perspectives!

One may be more clear than another for learning purposes, however S.T.E.M. theory is one whole concept.

Here are some of several relevent starting conditional forms of S.T.E.M. theory:


The unit HENRY and or the M.L.T.(Mass, Length, Time) exponential value of (zero,zero,zero) = (0,0,0) represents the center point and is crossed by 3 complex vectors, one called RESISTANCE, one called LENGTH (METERS), one called TIME is a primary form of S.T.E.M. theory physics

The theory brief outline has about 25 main rules and theorums, and hundreds of minor outcomes.

NEW,The 1st is a hypothetical PERFECT electromagnetic loudspeaker.

BOTH,The 2nd is the standard accepted lorentz force parallel wire expiriment as proof for the definition of the unit AMPERE of electricity. S.T.E.M. modifies, redefines and improves this expiriment.

NEW,The 3rd is a hypothetical room temperature electrical "SUPERWIRE" whose diameter is so large that the resistance at a length of 3EXP+8 meters = (1 light second) of it is exactly 1 OHM. Also at the opposite spectrum a small wire, a UNIT Ohm wire with a diameter such that at room temperature it will have a resistance of 1 ohm per meter of length.

BOTH,The 4th is a redefinition the unit HENRY with respect to FORCE, AMPERAGE, TESLA, VOLTAGE.

NEW,The 5th provides new unit HENRY constants, and their numerical S.I. values.

NEW,The 6th is a "tug of war" between a magnetic force and the lorentz force from a electric wire current.

BOTHThe 7th is the radial variation in current and magnetic dencity inside a wire.

NEW,The 8th is a raindrops on a convertible car windshield analogy for energy sinks and or non-specific resistance and or the light speed opportunity envelope.

NEW,The 9th is when S.T.E.M. theory manipulates and interprets a real PHYSICAL problem, like a jet taking off an aircraft carrier and identifies and solves it in PURE ELECTROMAGNETIC terms. Use momentum equal to mass times velocity equal to force multiplied by time, and energy equal to force multiplied by AMPERES as a good head start.

NEW,The 1st basic elementary format of S.T.E.M. theory is to hypothesize a PERFECT electromagnetic loudspeaker.

In this supposition, the loudspeaker recieves 1 watt of electricity(1 watt of ELECTRIC power)

It will then generate 1 acoustic watt of power(1 watt of PHYSICAL power) since it is perfectly 100 percent efficient.

For convienience, it has a electric resistance of 1 ohm and therefore is recieving 1 volt and 1 ampere simultainiously.

For futher convienience, the front side face has 1 square meter of surface area.

The rear face is enclosed by a box of VOLUME equal to 1 cubic meter, in one form of stem theory. In the other form of stem theory the rear inside of the box has a internal surface AREA of 1 square meter.

In a non-convenient, difficult mathematical reduction, the sum of the total magnetic field(WEBER) is transformed into a magnetic PRESSURE, then this is then equated to the acoustic output sound PRESSURE in one form of stem theory and acoustic INTENCITY in another form of stem theory. It is also assumed the magnetic circuit efficiency is 100 percent.

What outputs when these hypothetical assumptions are made is truly amazing!

From the human perspective some of these outcomes may seem quite bizarre.

NEW,RULE 0: Physics problems can be easily and quickly solved using higher order exponential QUALITATIVE reductions, i.e. M.K.S.(meter, kilogram, second) units or M.L.T.(mass,length, time) units FIRST. Then NUMERIC data values are input later. Also the use of S.T.E.M. universal parenthesis notation for denoting the Mass, Length, Time such that: (mass exponent, length exponent, time exponent) greatly simplifies complex concepts or reductions.

BOTH,RULE 0.5: The book uses M.L.T., M.K.S. or Meter Kilogram Second system. The entire book is explained in the higher order exponents of these units, i.e. Force= (1,1,-2)= Kilograms to the power of 1, meters to the power of 1, and seconds to the power of -2.

BOTH,RULE 0.6: Linear Algebra and or Vector Mathematics and exponent manipulation is applied and used everywhere in STEM theory, as a simple example: FORCE multiplied with DISTANCE = ENERGY, i.e. (1,1,-2)(0,1,0) = (1,2,-2)
or here: (momentum / time) = FORCE written as ((1,1,-1) / (0,0,1))= (1,1,-2).

NEW,1 form of this theory has a 3 dimentional perspective: DISTANCE, RESISTANCE, TIME

NEW, Rule 1: Distance in METERS is equal to electric AMPERAGE, i.e. METERS=AMPERES=(0,1,0). They are also equilvelant in higher orders, i.e. (METER)EXP(n) = (AMPERE)EXP(n). This concept may be applied as seriously real or conviniently trivial as one would like however, mathematically it is a valid and true solution. One may interchange them at any time for any reason. One may also divisionaly reduce either Amperes or Meters or both to any value one feels is more convienient or clear for any particular solution. Irrespective of human understanding, this concept exist in a mathematical reality and a philosophical ideaology.

BOTH,Rule 2: A large number of previously separate unit QUALITIES are unified and simplified by divisional reduction by dividing all N.I.S.T., B.I.P.M., S.I. or M.K.S. or M.L.T. units by using (METERS = AMPERES) to reach the lowest common denominator or factor. NEW, Using (2,1,-4) for M.M.F.(Magneto Motive Force) provides further unifications.

NEW,Rule 3: the correct units for M.M.F.(Magneto Motive Force) = (2,1,-4). Currently without S.T.E.M. Theory the entire scientific community ambiguously calls this an "Ampere-turn", and even more incorrectly give it units of "Amperes".

NEW,Rule 4: MAGNETIC FIELD INTENCITY = (2,0,-4) = HENRY squared. Currently without S.T.E.M. Theory the entire scientific community ambiguously calls this an "(Ampere-turn)/meter", and even more incorrectly give it units of "Amperes/meter".


NEW,Rule 5b: HENRY = (1,0,-2) = Force/Ampere = Force/Meter = RESISTANCE (physical) = STIFFNESS CONSTANT

NEW,Rule 5c: HENRY = (1,0,-2) = HOOKE'S FORCE SPRING CONSTANT = Force/Meter = PHYSICAL STIFFNESS = [WEBER(magnetic)/Ampere] = [WEBER(magnetic)/Meter] = MAGNETIC RELUCTANCE = RESISTANCE(magnetic)

BOTH,Rule 6: WEBER (Magnetic) = (1,1,-2) = Force (physical)

BOTH,Definition 7: Relativity and speed of light= c = (0,1,-1)

OLD,Definition 8: Frequency = (0,0,-1) = reciprocal Time

NEW,Definition 8b: Frequency = (0,0,-1) = reciprocal Time = and its many, many different forms everywhere, expressed mathematically as the classical formula of resonance.

OLD,Definition 9: Time = (0,0,1)

OLD,Definition 10: Gravity = (-1,3,-2)

BOTH,Rule 11: FARAD=(-1,0,4)

NEW,Rule 11A: RECIPROCAL FARAD=(+1,0,-4) = 1 type of resistance in STEM THEORY

OLD,Definition 12: Momentum=(1,1,-1)

NEW,Rule 13: Electric OHM = (1,0,-3)

NEW,Rule 14: Drag (air or water) = (1,0,-1) = Z = (1 type of S.T.E.M. form resistance = ZETA, not the present day definition of complex reactance)

NEW,Rule 15: RESISTANCE has 4 major forms: Drag, Ohm, Henry, Reciprocal Farad

NEW,Rule 16: P.M.F.(Potential Motive Force) = HENRY = (1,0,-2)

BOTH,Definition 17: E.M.F. (Electro Motive Force) = VOLT = (1,1,-3) = (FORCE / SECOND)

NEW,Rule 18: P.M.F., E.M.F., M.M.F., are complexly unified when viewed from another stem theory dimentional perspective photo.

NEW,Rule 19: SPACE = VOLUME = DISTANCE cubed = AMPERAGE cubed = (0,3,0)

NEW,Rule 20: MASS = (1,0,0) = (OHM)(SECOND cubed) = (1,0,-3)(0,0,3)

NEW,Rule 21: HENRY (BL force factor) unit maximum = 59.9584916 (TESLA)(METERS) = 59.9584916 (NEWTONS / AMPERE) in the S.I. System

NEW,Rule 22: Distance = Meter = Amperage = (light speed)(time)

NEW,Rule 23: It is extremely rare or even impossible to have a single source 100% PURE form(not combined) of any physical constant like: Ampere, voltage, farad, ohm, force, M.M.F., Electric field, Henry, ect., and in part it is this lack of purity which "creates" and or generates alternate forms of Qualities. As an example a lack of zero electric resistance (0 ohms) creates ohms, ohms creates an opposition to the E.M.F.(voltage) this generates heat, the heat can be thought of as a transformation of AMPEREAGE(electron flow) and this AMPEREAGE creates the MAGNETIC FLUX(WEBER) through this distance of meters or AMPERES this creates the HENRY, through an AREA this creates the TESLA field. The TESLA field through a curvature in the electron flow generates the MAGNETIC FIELD INTENCITY, which when multiplied through meters distance or AMPERES generates the M.M.F.

NEW,Definition 24: Area of Electromagnetic Hysteresis Loop (curve) = (3,-1,-6) = (M.M.F./meter)(TESLA) = (2,0,-4)(1,-1,-2)

BOTH,Definition 25: PERMITTIVITY (electric)= farad per meter = Farad/meter = (-1,-1,4)

BOTH,Definition 26: PERMEABILITY (magnetic)= henry per meter = Henry/meter = (1,-1,-2)

more updates later;
Magnetic Saturation
Magnetic Induction=(1,0-2) = HENRY
Non-superconductive Electric Wire Conduit Saturation
Energy Sinks=(-1,-2, 2)

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