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Description and 18 Performance Features

The Hyperdynamics Model 186 microphone measures high intencity and or high pressure sound and low pressure pulse or shock waves. It has an extremely wide air pressure range and can also measure ordinary noisy sounds. It is also full range and has the capacity to measure from an extremely low frequency 2 hertz to over 20,000 hertz.

It is extremely rugged and totally airtight and hermetically sealed, so can be used in a variety of harsh or dirty environments, and pure pressure fields(like car stereo competitions) or even underwater!

The microphone itself is internally self-powered so it does not require separate power or battery supply.

Most microphones use weak diaphrams, this microphone uses a solid metal alloy block. This makes it basically impossible to puncture or rupture due to particle impacts, superhigh sound pressure level, accidental mishandling or near field shock waves.

The unit converts sound to an electric output voltage, so is meant to work with Multi-Meters, oscilloscopes, computers and our computer software, and charge or voltage amplifiers.

NEW; now availiable in your favorite color: gold, chrome, silver, blue, red, green, pink, yellow, orange, purple including fluorescent neon: pink, orange, yellow. Please request color and add $20 extra or else we will ship standard black.

Here are 18 real performance advantages and benifits that make our meter better than "other" world class laboratory sound pressure level meters.

Our sound meter:

1. comes with a 100% money back guarantee

2. does NOT cost thousands of DOLLAR'$

3. it's easy for anyone to use

4. does not require complicated and expensive electronics to work. In fact the sensor microphone itself requires NO power, not even a battery!

5. does not not require or need equalizers, frequency filters or wieghting systems

6. does not use expensive and complicated wires or connectors to work. In fact if you wanted to, you could use ordinary speaker wire!

7. comes calibrated and with a calibration chart to N.I.S.T. , World Governments and International Standards

8. is waterproof, extremly rugged and will survive accidental soccer ball treatment.

9. can handle those INSANE VOLUME LEVELS without breaking or maxing out or distorting. (this meter is very tough).

10. It also comes with a C.D. Computer Software #1 disk, filled with owners manual and instructions, lots of photos and files that are sound related including a sound pressure level decibel chart, for quick reference against all kinds of things like race cars, 40,000 watts of car stereo's, mosquitos, even bombs and volcanos!

11.We wish we could describe how loud a sound this will measure. Sure some other meters are nice but you cant measure above 130-140 db with them before they max out, you could never shove them up the supersonic shock wave of a jackhammer, against a harley davidson motorcycle exhaust pipe, or even put them underwater like this meter, and they usually calibrate at a weak 94 db at 1000 hz.,

12.We use real sound waves to test and calibrate each meter, not electronic tests like other companies and


Nobody else does or even can...

Lot's of peaple have been trying to max it out or break it, but can't, a superloud level was 175.5 db, like in the photo of a 15" woofer, but with two of them going head on and 11,000 watts of power, this was scary loud!

13.It also goes superdeep into the bass, you can measure with a digital millivolt meter or on an oscilliscope, see superlow frequency door openings at 1.8 to 4 hertz, wind and cold drafts, even fast barometric changes in the weather at 1 to 3 hertz at about 100 to 110 db, it is way cool.

14. With optional computer spectrum analyzer software #2 can handle the extreme sound range of the quiet level of 50 decibels to 186 decibels+ visually see the frequency range from 10 hertz to 50,000 hertz!+ the real time frequency and decibel level and peak levels.

15.Super powerful electric output in electric MILLIvolts so it can work with an ordinary digital MILLIvolt meter, D.M.M., oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer or computer.

16.Built in suction cups for fast and secure mounting on smooth surfaces like glass, especially in very intense vibration fields like jets or car stereo competitions.

17. NEW, now availiable in your favorite color: gold, chrome, silver, blue, red, green, pink, yellow, orange, purple including fluorescent neon: pink, orange, yellow.

18. Come's with C.D. Audio test disk for instant testing of your home entertainment or car audio system.

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Technical Performance Information
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Usage and How it Works
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Purchase Options
All microphone sensors come with individual calibration millivolt conversion chart, instruction manual, dB chart, and computer software disk #1(however, you dont need a computer to use this meter), audio frequency test cd.

Option #1
Microphone Sensor only (You must already own a HIGH QUALITY digital volt meter)
$349, now just $229 U.S. Dollars

Option #2
Microphone with Meter (Meter reads out voltage, like the yellow one in photos)
$399, now just $269 U.S. Dollars

Option #3
Microphone with Analog Meter Pre-Calibrated (Read dB directly from Meter)
$449, now just $329 U.S. Dollars

Option #4
Microphone only, then YOU get a portable spectrum or graphing multimeter like a "Velleman HPS 10"(Read dB directly from Meter, they cost around $130)
$349, now just $229 U.S. Dollars plus YOUR cost for a portable analyzer

Option #5
Microphone with Spectrum Analyzer, db Computer Software (#2). Computer required, and is NOT included. This is a Laboratory Grade System for an unbelievable price!
$599, now just $379 U.S. Dollars

Prices are for standard black, for your color choice add $20.
California Residents
Please add 8.25% State Sales Tax

If you need any other type sound microphone or sensor, we have what you need from -10db to 271db (100,000 P.S.I.) for bomb measurement, ballistics or internal motor cylinder pressure analysis or extreme quiet room or hearing testing

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